Short synopsis of the comedy-drama featurette The Locationist: When Nina suddenly appears on a woman's property, a house suitable for the absurd film production she's working on, she is just the drop that spills the glass. Greeted with the mace of the owner's rage, two completely different realities collide. That of people who have nothing and that of people who have everything. Apparently, at least. To save her unstable and supper stressful job, Nina has to get the house, but for that, she has to overcome the woman's blind rage, and this is not a mission for everyone. If there is anyone who can turn the wheel of fortune, then Nina is definitely that person. But even she is surprised by the turn of events.

TheLocationist is a film created by Georgia Mihalcea with Marcela Motoc, Mirela Cretan, Bianca Codroiu si Ela Gavrila, a 2021 Romanian production in English language.


Film reviews on IMDB - Headlines:

"An exceptional dramedy that will leave no one unaffected."

"Original and makes you think"

"A dramedy that makes you breathe life and live it to its fullest!"

"Smart, fresh and crazily genuine!"

"A film of feelings."

"Funny, fresh and feminine."