Storyline: Trapped between life and death for 6 minutes, bionic Piper meets her alter egos from different realities, Sunmoon - her human star, and totem Phany - her spirit animal, who help her make the ultimate choice.

Synopsis: When a virus pushes Piper beyond life during a solar eclipse, her spirit animal Phany unravels from the unseen to save her He activates the exit crisis website with daydreamers and misfit thinkers from Earth and shares his soul with her to buy her time. 

The misfits’ unseen intervention brings to surface Piper ’s human alter ego and star, Sunmoon but also a truth Piper left a question unanswered on Earth and she has 6 minutes left (the rest of the film duration) to figure out what it is and to choose how to answer it Trust your star Sunmoon the misfits say.

Sunmoon connects with Piper’s fragmented soul by transforming herself into a two rainbow butterfly to help Piper see who she is and to heal her lava heart by guiding her towards a higher truth Love remembers you Sunmoon says.


Duration: 8 minutes

Genres: experimental, psychedelic, fantasy, spiritual, cross-reality, alternative



2020 | Official Selection Goa Short Film Festival, India

2020 | Official Selection/Semi-finalist Reykjavik Visions Film Festival, Iceland

Writer/Director/Producer: Georgia Mihalcea 

Star: Marcela Motoc

Music Composer: Scott Moodie

Production country: Romania

Language of Film: English

Subtitles: English

Production Date: February 2020

Context: pandemic quarantine

Production Details: digital art mixed with computer-generated created animation and live narration, shooted on smartphone and directed from distance through video apps

Hashtags: #Sunmoon #trustyourstar

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