Georgia typically directs and produces the film scripts she writes. She loves experimenting with alternative storytelling formats, production models and new talents. 


She applies a variety of lean and guerilla filmmaking and storytelling formulas to maximize the quality of content with low and very low budgets by engaging her entire set of business and creative skills to catalyze top-tier teams and get things done in record time from development to post-production and promotion.

In 2020, the year of pandemic, Georgia launched herself as an author with 3 films she wrote, directed and produced:

  • "Sunmoon"an experimental-spiritual short movie of 8 minutes (made entirely on her own);

  • "The Locationist"a medium-lenght drama-comedy of 38 minutes which is also a proof of concept for a web/tv series;

  • "Articolul 22"a short film of 5 minutes, for the anti-corruption competition #integritate2020 "Romania fără corupție"; 


... all starring the Romanian actress Marcela Motoc in leading roles.

Georgia strongly encourages you to support filmmakers' and artists work by paying for watching to push forward the productions of the content you love.

Toate filmele Georgiei costă 3.88$, iar dacă îți place stilul ei și vrei să vezi mai multe filme scrise și produse de ea, atunci cumpără-i filmele sau donează cât vrei prin butonul de alături. 

Watch Georgia's films online 

Trailer "The Locationist"

Making-of "Articolul 22"