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My trips from dreams to films.
if my life was a painting or a comic book...

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You mirror me and this is what I see.

Updated: Sep 15, 2021

First time I saw you, I wondered

Who is this page? She’s nice, but…

Take her out, she stands in my way.

They sent you out, but you came back

And in big silence, under the moon

You poured yourself into my head,

Just like that tarot card, five of swords

The page who steals the soldiers’ arms

To make sure noone hurts him anymore.

What a sneaky woman, who the hell is she?

She’s a scared one, can’t you see?

Scared? By whom? Who threatened her?

Noone, it’s true, but what if we do?

Why would we? Is that true?

Why is not the question.

And what is it, then?

What if. Said a voice that sounds like Marlene.

I see, people makes her feel in jeoparty.

Not people, you.

Me? Why? Her? I can’t even see.

That’s why, you see?

Hm, her spirit is smart. Wants to make sure I won’t cut her heart. Who cares about her? Just take our swords back. I am here to conquer our world, send her out.

She’s still here? God people, can’t you hear?

She won’t go away, she’s stubborn like you. Whatever we try, nothing will do. She wants to speak with you.

Speak about what? Find what she wants.

She is mute. No matter what we ask, she crosses her arms. It’s you who she wants.

God damn it, who is this creature? Bring her to me, but not know, under the moonlight, to make sure that I see.

Who are you woman and why did you come?

Patience, my king, one question at a time.

Where are my swords? Are you a thief? Tell me page or else, the chain is your faith.

I am your queen. But if chains is your belief…

Take her out, this woman is mad. She is wasting my time, I must go to bed.

I’m not mad my king, it’s me, can’t you see? Don’t you remember me?

We never met, you are just lost and blind. Leave now, before I change my mind.

It’s not the mind to change.

But what? Get out now, I feel rage.

Your heart my king, that is to change.

My heart is on fire, you are a demon, a witch. Put her in chains, she had her chance and wasted it in vein. Oh, God, what happens? I feel too much pain. Is this real? Am I still sane?

You can’t hurt me without hurting yourself. Can’t you see? There is no space beween you and me.

I did not choose you, you cannot be my queen. I never asked for this. What’s all this scene?

There’s no scene, my king. This is not a play, I am here to love you and to show you the way.

What way, you slave? I know who I am and I know why I am here.

It’s true my king, you know all that and more, but I am not here for this, but for what you’ve been praying for. Your kingdom is too small. It’s the empire of who you are, that's why you’re here for.

Empire? I am good where I am. No, thank you. Try somewhere else or you’ll die deep down, in my darkest cells.

Want it or not, forgive me my king, but this is the answer your heart wants me to sing. You were a child long time before, when you were cut you into small pieces and thrown to the dogs, your prayers were heard, we are all coming home. I am the one who was sent first, the crown of you heart. Welcome me now and stop being mad.

I don’t want you, I don’t remember the story you say. Who are you and why do I feel this unbearable pain?

I am you, my king, and you are I, the half that was lost, the crown of your heart, your queen and your soul. Look at us! Can you see now the story of our past?

Come closer, please. I need your heat to spread the shadows that trouble my sleep. I don’t see yet, but I can feel. Help me darling, you are my queen.

Tell me you know now, that all doubts are gone.

I don’t know sweatheart, but it feels like home.

You mirror me and this is what I see.

#twinflame #love #identity #heartopening #story #projection #mirroring

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