You don’t have to love me, but you will respect me.

You felt joy and ran.

You felt tenderness and ran.

You felt success and ran.

You felt happiness and ran.

You felt passion and ran.

You felt life and ran.

And when you felt my love

You put ten swords in my back.


You felt pain and stayed.

You felt darkness and stayed.

You felt addictions and stayed.

You felt madness and stayed.

You felt betrayal and stayed.

You felt drugs and stayed.

You felt weakness and stayed.

You suffocate when I am away.

You suffocate when you’re away.


You don’t suffocate when you treat yourself so bad.

You don’t suffocate when you treat me so bad.

God will never treat us so bad

So, who the fuck I'm fighting here with?

And who the fuck are you,

To mess with our heads?

Legion, say your name

And fuck off in your hell.

Babe, I have to ask.

If you believe in neither love, yourself nor God, what is you believe in?

Giving up?

That's the devil, sweetheart

Wake the fuck up.

A word only stands between us.

I want. And you would want.

Yes, indeed.

A world apart.

In the past life you didn’t pass the test

You behaved like now, chose the ones who’re dead

That’s why in this life you’re so damn lost and sad

And that’s why everything you touch