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My trips from dreams to films.
if my life was a painting or a comic book...

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Veil Down

Pan D'Ora. Queen of Wands is a themed series of visual poetry exploring the truths behind the veil and the shadow self.

Meanings of words:

Pan: Pan, a god from ancient Greek mythology, was the son of Hermes and Dryope, considered the protector of flocks and shepherds. In the Platonic dialogue Cratylos, Socrates considers that the name is derived from everything (pan).

D'Ora: God's Gift

Queen of Wands: The Queen of Wands is a court card in the Minor Arcana set of the Tarot. The Queen of Wands is said by some to represent one's basic instinct. She sits upon a throne decorated with lions facing opposing directions, a symbol of fire and strength. In her left hand, on her crown, and behind her are sunflowers, symbolizing life, fertility, joy, and satisfaction, and her right-hand holds a wand with one small sprout springing to life. A black cat sits at her feet, a sign that while this Queen is bold and outgoing she is also in touch with her shadow self – the darker, lesser-known side of her being.

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