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there's no hiding in the dark from the beating of my heart

Updated: Sep 15, 2021

time has come, my dear

heart demands full truth

all ’but’-s in the middle

must say good bye and leave.

no more hesitations

no more doubt and pain

no more back and forth

and no more guilt and shame.

cut the cords, my darling

enough is enough

your happines is starving

your soul wants you to stop.

stop from blaming others

stop from judging yourself

stop from being unhappy

stop the cycle of pain.

who you are not, my sweatheart

who you are not supposed to be

the lies, half truths they told you

of what you’re supposed to do

are all illusions, darling

and time has come today

to let your heart do the speaking

and to allow your spirit

to wash them far away.

you’re no here to kneel

or walk with your head down

but to be you, my darling

you owe yourself this one.


"there's no hiding in the dark

from the beating of my heart."

(celebrating The International Day of Poetry)

#changeofheart #poem #selflove

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