The worst happened to Jenny. She fell in love with her option, Benny.

Jenny was a girl

Who wanted everything

Without doing anything.

Playing mind games

And endless spider webs

Gave boys and girls just enough to stay

While she always acted in a parallel play.

When she met the handsome Benny

She wanted all the benefits of a relationship

Without any commitment, rules, or anything

“Just sex is all I want”, she told to herself

While Benny was hearing all that she said.

“Wrong move, babe”

Benny said to himself

"It won’t be long until you beg

This game is different

Than the one you play."

“I want it when I want it”

She told to her friend

A spider with a mask

Who poured a lot of shit

Ideas and opinions

In her beautiful head.

The spider, oh, that spider

It didn’t care for unstable Jenny

As she naively thought

It cared for the two

To never be together

Not because of Jenny

But because... guess what!

It wanted Benny.

“Eh… it’s just Benny”

A second-hand man

I play on his emotions

He does what I want

Without even needing

To give him a fuck.

The spider pushed Jenny

To stop hiding when she cheated Benny

It knew that kind of betrayal

Will break his heart

And he will never forget.

A thing that surely worked

The way that it wanted

To free himself from Jenny.

Jenny was living in a senseless carpe diem mode

Because it didn’t matter if it’s true or false

Illusions did not bother her as long as they felt real

She fucked with whoever looked shiny enough

Passional and rational, but never emotional

So, STDs were on her regular checklists.