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The one who got away

Updated: Sep 15, 2021

I heard you fell in love

For the chick in the blocks

Treated you like an option

And mocked you with her folks.

Man, com’on, you too?

What’s so wrong with you?

You’re dancing with devil

And last time you did

Became a fucking shadow.

What can I say, man?

New levels, new devils.

The show must go on.

You know how it goes

Up and down

Till the fuckin’ dawn.

Man, com’on

Sandy is a girl

Addicted to thrills

She feeds with little bugs

You know, the lost ones in between.

She always chooses younger

Weak like the leaf

Narcissistic supply

Confused to the bones

Blind, bleeding, or addicts

So she can feel high high

Never expresses her feelings

Never offers the closure

Ghosts the bees she fucks

And leaves all cycles open

That's narcy narcy, man

Securing her way back

Coz' she feels entitled

Like a god damn quack.

I know this shit, man

I own the fucking hell

But love doesn’t choose

I like the twisted Sandy

And I think she can like me, too.

She broke your heart bro’

She’s not into you

Tim told me she’s back.

Back where?

Back in the market.


Yeah, dating for no cause

Like always, you know her

Pretending again and again

She’s looking for love.

You’re an option man

Everybody knows

She told all her friends

She plays you as she wants

Food for her pride

Water for her ego

And feels nothing more

Than just an overdose.


Yeah, man.

Overdose of what?

Who the fuck cares?

She’s just another rat.

Don’t call my Sandy names

She’s just a bit fucked up

It will take a while

Until she wakes the hell up.

Man, you are so stupid

I can’t believe this shit

What happened to you?

When did you lose your head?

You think I don’t get Sandy?

Or that I do not see?

The way she goes around

Wearing the king's suit

To see who’s next

Falling for her shit?

I’m not stupid, man

I know who I’m dealing with

I ate chicks like Sandy

Hundreds on my knees.

But this time, man…

It’s not about that

Once in a kiss under the moonlight

We slipped into each other eyes

And that’s when it happened

I could see her heart

Deep down

Beyond the dark.

Oh, man!

You fell for the worst

It’s how Sandy works

A mermaid trained in hell

To lose hearts of flakes

Don’t tell me you’re so stupid

To believe in twin flames

Fairytales and soul mates.

You don’t get it, man

It’s not about that shit

I am my own soulmate

I don’t need Sandy

Or anyone for it

You know, to feel complete.

I want her, that is true

But don’t need her, man

I own my game since always

And if she wants another

So be it, I am ok

If I must fight for love

That's not the game I play.

That’s good news bro’

At least you don’t love her

Sandy is tricky, man

Wants to taste it all

Be forever free

Fully on her own

She’s a nasty one

Listen to me.

Love? What are you saying?

That’s the word of words

I am not playing games

With holly shit and names.

But she’s not tricky, bro’

Listen when I say

She’s been hurt like hell

Carries in her deep

The pain she can’t forgive.

Falling for her heart

Is another thing

It’s the purity

The one that poets sing

The cure for hidden wounds.

Man, you are so fucked

It’s worse than I believed

Sandy got to you

She’s smarter than I thought.

The bitch hunts a relationship

And you’re in the final three.

Congratulations, brother!

You rose above the crowd

The crowd of fucked-up bees.

No, bro’, stop shitting me

Sandy wants marriage

It's what she's looking for

That’s why she now

Breaks it down to three

Franky, Piri, and me.

You don’t get Sandy, man

She believes in crap

Three is her number

Esoteric shit

She lives in her head

Cold on the outside

Coz deep down in her belly

She’s soft like jelly.

She’s terrified, man

To not get hurt again

Aren’t we all, brother?

Aren’t we the same?

Don’t know what to say

4 seems to be her number

Coz Tim told me that Ben

The dick head from her past

Came back to her life

To mess with her heart

He said she’s quite fucked up.

And I was wondering

As you are the most stupid of all

Didn’t she call you

To suck more of your blood?

Of course, she did, man

You know how this works.

When she gets hurt or scared

Too bored, or too bad

Sandy comes back.

And what did you do?

I opened the door

Like I always do

She stayed for a bit

Just enough to breath.

Man, Sandy's cocaine

Hard to believe

A person like her

Fucks one like you so hard

With her control tactics

And addictive mind games.

Bro’, that’s true

She is indeed cocaine

But what you and she don’t know

Is that I am not here for this game

But for the real deal

The truth, the magic

The hard conversations

And everything in between.

There’s no 4 left, man

It’s just what she wants

Folks like Franky, Ben, and Piri

Bees from her species

Images she can recognize.

So, you’re the one

The one who got away

Leaving behind

Silent like a snake

The skin and the image

She thinks it's hers to take.

Smartass you are, bro’

While we all believed

You’re another idiot

Newspapers will read

That died like the others

At this spider’s feet.

Don’t get me wrong, bro’

I still love her heart

I’ve just learned the hard way

To never provoke love.

I'm not playing games

I just left behind

One part of me

What she chose to trust and see

The one she wanted connected with me

Now I can watch her at crossroads

Through the moon and trees

Blooming like a flower

Becoming whoever she chooses

And whoever she is meant to be.

Don’t care who she marries

Franky, past Ben, or foggy Piri

Because I know her truth

And that’s enough for me.

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