The birth of Rita’s world.

The world was falling in spirals

Sun and Moon became the same

When master Uro called on his slaves.

If you don’t find a way by Sunday

To take over the power with no cost

Stop dreaming about tomorrow

Your end begins now, folks.

They got down in the underground

Where they used to play the game

And until Sunday late afternoon

No idea could survive the test.

The test of getting everything

By paying nothing or much less.

Desperate to save their lives

They began to read tarot

To check out the oracles

Do anything that may work.

Among them, there was a man

Borus by his other name

Thief of dreams and marionettes

Loyal to deception and nothingness.

I know what we must do.

Borus said rising his head

See that spider over there?

Yes, we see. What do you mean?

What spider falls in another spider’s web?

We don’t understand, speak so we can hear.

Noone feels itself. That’s what I mean.

Among them was also a woman

Rita by her eighth name

They usually ignored her

As she never showed herself.

Rita felt the spider’s web

Purling around all of them

Her eyes switched to laser mode

And saw its threads all around.

Silently she took a thread

From Borus’ spider web

As no one feels itself

And began working her web

Around Borus’s head and neck.

Tell us, Borus! What to do?

In a voice, they yelled

More and more scared.

The serum of truth.

That’s what we must do.

Placebo for all?

Fear conquers all.

Wasn’t it love?