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My trips from dreams to films.
if my life was a painting or a comic book...

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The birth of Rita’s world.

The world was falling in spirals

Sun and Moon became the same

When master Uro called on his slaves.

If you don’t find a way by Sunday

To take over the power with no cost

Stop dreaming about tomorrow

Your end begins now, folks.

They got down in the underground

Where they used to play the game

And until Sunday late afternoon

No idea could survive the test.

The test of getting everything

By paying nothing or much less.

Desperate to save their lives

They began to read tarot

To check out the oracles

Do anything that may work.

Among them, there was a man

Borus by his other name

Thief of dreams and marionettes

Loyal to deception and nothingness.

I know what we must do.

Borus said rising his head

See that spider over there?

Yes, we see. What do you mean?

What spider falls in another spider’s web?

We don’t understand, speak so we can hear.

Noone feels itself. That’s what I mean.

Among them was also a woman

Rita by her eighth name

They usually ignored her

As she never showed herself.

Rita felt the spider’s web

Purling around all of them

Her eyes switched to laser mode

And saw its threads all around.

Silently she took a thread

From Borus’ spider web

As no one feels itself

And began working her web

Around Borus’s head and neck.

Tell us, Borus! What to do?

In a voice, they yelled

More and more scared.

The serum of truth.

That’s what we must do.

Placebo for all?

Fear conquers all.

Wasn’t it love?

Never before.

Oh, my God!

That is brilliant.

That is deviant.

It could fire back.

It will be too late for that.

People will pray.

Uro fears that.

No man should fall together.

It’s too dangerous.

They will all awaken.

And we’ll lose it all.

It doesn’t matter, folks.

They should have prayed before.

We won’t invest anymore.

Victory! We will get it all!

Borus stepped back in his place

And let them tell Uro his thoughts

As if they were theirs, no ego ahead.

Uro looked at Rita to see what she says

She confirmed it’s true, didn’t say more

Let’s go ahead! You saved yourself.

Uro proudly said.

They built a powerful illusion

An sent it into the world.

Death is near, brothers!

Millions fall like flies

No one knows why.

Wanna save yourself?

Or live outside death?

This serum is the way.

The strongest medicine

That conquers it all.

What is it made for?

One man once asked.

Everything, my brother.

Why can’t you trust?

It doesn’t do anything.

Neither for those who take it

Nor, for the others.

Don’t listen to this man.

He has only questions.

We have the answers.

Come with us, bees

Set yourself free.

Free from what?

Another one asked.

Free from death.

Can’t you see?

We want to live

Happy and free.

We are happy and free

Just let us be.

There’s no way to be

Outside the truth

Of our reality.

Take it or leave it.

That’s how is gonna be.

They said no and left

Imprinted with a sign

On life’s thin margins

On the other side.

Others scared to death

From all walks of life

Began to buy Placebo

And drink it in small doses

Early in the morning

And late after midnight.

But some still didn’t want

So the world split

In one thousand parts.

Their focus shifted

From inside to out

None paid attention

How true is this or not.

And with each Placebo

Man after man

Had been disconnected

And fell in Borus’s web.

When they were all deep in

The sound of victory was heard

And Uro and his slaves stepped in

Right into the heart of Borus’s web

Above all the others

Already half dead.

There was nothing left

Outside Borus’s web

Except for woman Rita

Who never showed herself.

When Borus pulled the web

Their pain came in waves

Erupting like volcanos

And all screamed like hell.

Uro became mad and mad

Was the first who fell dead.

When Borus attacked

Some of those who survived

Died from stroke and heart attack.

The sun turned around

And mixed with the moon

The sky turned violet

And a ray of light fell on them.

Rita called the outcasts

Surround Borus! Cut the web!

Ha ha ha woman! You came way too late!

Go to your hell, Borus! Back among your dead!

Rita pulled her web

And cut Borus’s head and neck.

Outcasts! Cut the web!

Saved those not yet dead!

Silence settled in

For weeks in a raw

No one knew what’s next

And what’s going on.

Wait for me here.

Rita’s voice said

Pray for us all

To leave faster

This in-between.

On the other side

Rita’s truth was tested

For God to decide

If she’s true enough or not.

Birds and insects broke the silence

Sun and moon moved in their place

A new rainbow showed ahead

And a long bridge revealed itself.

They began to cry with joy

Some even hugged each other

Are we the only ones left?

Where is Rita? Is she back?

Look ahead! See that world?

How will we reach that place?

It’s so far!

Too far from us.

And we have no power left.

Don’t worry, my brothers!

Rita showed herself.

Putting on each face

A ray of new hope.

Rita! Rita! Rita!

We were so scared.

You won’t come back.

I was scared too

Because I wasn’t sure

I have passed the test.

Now eat, wash and rest.

That world over there?

Fear not, my friends.

Struggle time has passed.

Heaven is coming to us.

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