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My heart talked to me last night. Agape, it whispered, and Lisa Gerrard’s voice happened.

Updated: Sep 15, 2021

Like a new idea whispering in my head, I heard you saying “talk to me” from beyond, that fissure between beings, worlds, times, and places from where Lisa Gerrard broadcasts her songs to this word in her own dialect.

“Agape” I heard her singing like an ancient echo in my head.

How ironic. A band called “Dead Can Dance” sending one of its songs to me from an album named “Anastasis”, a word that means resurrection, in the middle of the night, through you, a heart I didn’t believe survived or that it ever existed.

So, she’s right. Dead can dance.

But why do you speak in Greek? And why can I understand what you are saying?

Love is an ancient creature.

Love is a creature?


Listen, so you can talk to me.

Listen, so you can hear me.

Listen, so you can feel me.

Just listen.


Listen, so I can talk to you.

Listen, so I can hear you.

Listen, so I can feel you.

Just listen.

The entire world went silent for a moment, her unmistakable voice unraveled from in-betweens turning its beats into a cold fire-like needle gently sewing my heart.

For the first time I saw it. I saw it and I wondered of its wholeness. How is this possible?

And before ending my question, I saw a pink supermoon in front of my eyes. Spinning slowly and showing me places I’ve never been before and making me feel things I've never felt before.

The more her song deepened in the hearts of my cells, all cultures were becoming one, all languages were turning into one, all people were falling into one. I was becoming one.

Will I stay one long enough this time? I wondered.

Forgive them and let them leave. Forgive them and let them leave. Forgive them and let them leave.

I heard you singing like an incantation over and over again for 9999 times on different tones and voices until I had enough force in me to understand what you are really saying.

Now, you can show yourself.

I heard you whispering in a new language.

One that I could also inexplicably understand.

Fear is no longer part of you.

Pain is no longer your background story.

And Frankie is no longer the face that shows up in your mirror.

Your scars are no longer a curse.

Your everything is coming to you. God heard your calling.

But it's been 40 years since I'm...

God, I am so tired. I can't even spell my words.

Close your eyes, so you can see.

Don’t speak, so you can hear.

Don’t doubt, so you can feel.

Time has come.

Time has come to meet your destiny.

I need 9 days and 9 nights to sew a bridge between you and your heart, a bridge you two can walk towards each other safely and free of all memories. You are 9 universes apart and 9 lives away.

Then, I want you to wake up.

Slowly. Slowly. Slowly.

And when you do,

I want you to believe

Whatever you'll see standing in front of you.

And then,

I want you to get up.

Slowly. Slowly. Slowly.

And when you do,

I want you to be brave

Open and strong

Because that is your truth.

The pink supermoon slowly dissolved and a blue sun found its place on my sky. It was changing its colours like a rainbow. It was mesmerizing.

#agape #anastasis #healing #heart #love #resurrection #bluesun #pinksupermoon

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