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I'll be coming home, wait for me.

Updated: Sep 15, 2021

Hello father, how is here?

Don’t hurry sweetheart, there’s enough time for everyone.

It’s been 9 years.

How you’ve been doing?

I tried, but failed more than…

Don’t worry, pumpkin, it’s how the rivers flow for all.

It’s quite cold here. Is there a bit warmer?

It is, love, it is.

Rainbows? Are there any rainbows?

Millions of rainbows of infinite colors. Are these the boots I bought you from the gypsies?

Yeah, what a good afternoon that was!

Remind me our good days.

That week when we spoke for nights and days.

What were we speaking about?


Tell me more.

The day you picked up the mushrooms from that bush and made me the best stew ever.

What a sunny day that was!

The day I came frozen, you poured me a giant glass of brandy, I drank it to the bottom in one breath and fell dead drunk for two days.

What a winter that was! Tell me more.

The day you tought me pocker, backgammon and cheating to win.

What a mad time that was! What else?

The night you covered me with your blanket when I fell asleep in your bad and you watched over me till dawn.

A beautiful night under moonlight! I remember.

Yeah, you never slept when I came.

Can you remember more?

The days when you played the same music and films over and over again. They are all playing in loop in my head and pushing me forward from one step to another.

Our light in the darkness we were all living back then.


What else?

The day your doctor told you there’s no more time left. We were walking side by side slowly, very slowly, I was silent and you stopped to laugh. I’ve never seen so much courage in anyone else. I always wondered where you hid your fears.

In you, sweatheart. Unfortunatelly, in you. How did you survived them?

I don’t know. I don’t know if I did.

You are still standing.

I am, yes. But…

But what, my apple pie?

I don’t know earthly words to tell you how tired I feel. I’m so…

Sit here, in my arms, for as long as you need. Close your eyes. There is time.

You know…

What, my darling?

I'll be coming home. Wait for me.

No sweatheart, I am coming home. You don’t have to wait anymore.

I don't?

You broke the chains. Look! We are all coming home.


Your kind. We are all here.


To help you finish this, my love.


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