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How making Article 22 short movie ended with a one-minute funny video.

Updated: Dec 12, 2021

Coming with a funny video featuring our hilarious behind the scenes moments from the making of the "Article 22" short movie was not even an idea on our do to list.

Turning my woman judge powerful character into the funniest female comedian in town was not even on my radar.

This film production was fast and furious. I wanted it. I claimed it. I did it. Wrap! Next.

I left the production with the feeling that we did a good piece about a very serious theme, a relevant 5-minute short that left no room for a trailer, teaser or on set video. Memories about funny moments were not popping up. But video editing is a magic making skill that caught my eye more and more from one video to another in the last year.

Two weeks after post production, in the night of wrapping it all up, I had this mood of having a second look over the raw materials, curious to see if there's anything more that I can squeeze for the film online marketing.

And here she was! The great comedian I knew she is making a one of hell one woman show in between the shots making me laugh out loud till dawn. And here I was! The female version of Neo from Matrix talking in some alien dialect that even I couldn't understand. Two jokers undercover.

Small bits of funny videos hidden here and there in an overall quite boring production process that showed all of three of us, me, Marcela and Albert trying to figure it all out on the go, while all sorts of things kept interrupting the shooting (a woman taking her garbage out, a couple walking hand in hand on the set, a lost man yelling at us for God knows what reason, a man going in and out from his house to see what's going on).

While I kept cutting the small pieces, all of a sudden I start hearing Otis Taylor playing in my head his "Ressurection Blues", making me see with new eyes a funny video after the corner.

This unusual chemistry turned fast into a hilarious perfect match that instantly sparked my imagination. What initially seemed to be a nice piece of content ended up being a very funny video, short enough to make it impossible for anyone with a sharp sense of humor to stop laughing.

I've watched it endless times since then and can't get enough of it. It's my mood uplifter and my one minute stand-up comedy show. Enjoy it! Let me know how it works on you :)

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