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How ethics works? A powerful short about the mechanics of authenticity and truth.

Updated: Oct 19, 2021

Triggered by a corruption case, a judge questions her ethics and herself. How deep should a decision-maker dig for truth? Watch my short movie "Article 22" to see how that plays out for her... and beyond.

How-ethics-works- Article-22-a-powerful-short-about-the-mechanics-of-authenticity-and-truth.

In Romanian law, Article 22 refers to the role of a judge in finding the truth and its liberty and duty to stretch far for it. But how many apply it? And how does Article 22 apply to all of us regardless of where we live? I don’t know, but in Romania, a country suffering from organic corruption it worth asking.

Where, why and how did ethics activate in my life or the germs of "Article 22" short film.

Ethics had a drastic impact on my life before knowing that the intersection of morals, beliefs, and law is a study field. Its energy had an effect on me at a molecular level as if its presence or absence turned air into matter, turning confusion into clarity and vice-verse at the highest speeds I knew.

At first, it was the lack of ethics among my partners and co-workers in the business field during a time when the casting of life distributed me in the role of an entrepreneur, a small business owner in Romania struggling to meets ends, my pathway after graduating Economics.

That kind of lack was a giant magnet that attracted organically a perfect disaster. Before my 30th birthday, I lost everything in a blink of an eye and stepped into a self and life transforming phase hard to word in the usual ways, one of the reasons I am a filmmaker today.

The zero ethics game I found myself into overnight challenged my morals, my authenticity, my identity, but mostly it made me question everything. Everything I’ve been taught, everything I’ve seen and heard everywhere else, everything I knew about life, the world, and myself. In the unknown I found myself nothing proved to be strong enough to light the way in any way. Nothing familiar mattered.

The most painful part of this game happened when it came from the inside, from my work and personal relationships. That was a really violent wake-up call, a very profound and highly intensive course about the mechanics of human nature and life on Earth.

You can’t fool the ones who returned from hell because they know where each piece should be. Some say. Others say that religion is for those fearing hell, while spirituality is for those who were already there. Well, that’s also my story.

At that very early moment on the timeline of my life, I had to ask myself all the hard questions that most of the people I know avoid when it comes to shadow work and their dark side. And I understand why, it is too painful, too uncomfortable and too life-changing.

I remember my friend’s dying mother telling me: Georgia, my girl, you reached too fast at a destination where most of the normal people don’t reach in their lifetimes, what are you going to do from now on?

The mirror her question proved to be hit me hard: Oh my God, my life began with death. From now on I must find a way to bring myself to life. At least I know where I stand.

The spiritual lesson ethics taught me breaks down to one realization: that I won’t meet problems and challenges according to the size and complexity of my businesses, activities, and people in my relationships, but according to my own size, more precisely according to the sizes I choose for me to reach.

To solve my unsolvable business and life problems at the time I had to confront my deepest truths and choose my ways in the confrontations with my opponents. My ways to be for this life as it proved in the end. By keep losing in the beginnings, I realized these confrontations are with the fake selves in me, in essence, and the rare opportunity to "train" with wild beasts has a priceless value in itself... if I survive.

But how to survive? That was the new question I never imagined I will ever have to ask.

The biggest challenge I thought I had was related to the obvious side of things: how to win the battle of my life with players much bigger and more powerful than me?

The smaller I and my life were becoming on the outside, the bigger and more intelligent I was becoming on the inside and the truth of the real challenge became more visible, much clearer: how to win without harming anyone, regardless their intentions, and without breaking the law like all my opponents? How to master the grey areas and black zones were no rules were written yet?

All of a sudden the game moved to a totally new level and the entire stake changed.

The more inspired my solutions, strategies, and decisions became, the more I started to win and to feel how this new power's corruption mechanism works on one's core.

I found myself at times in positions where I could crash some of my opponents without lifting a finger. All my wounds and emotional lacks were screaming for blood, for revenge, for making them feel as I felt. Before any other roles I played, I was human and in the most critical moments and decision-making points, the human's voice in me was the loudest.

At this point, ethics entered the game.

I already won, why do I need to break anyone? What kind of dark need or long shadow is this? Where does it come from? What are my true intentions and primary goals here?

While these questions led me to a self-healing pathway, at the following levels of these confrontations the question I identified as the most important to answer was an ethical one: How to win without harming my opponents, others or myself in the game?

I had no such example in my life and I realized these things will always happen on the path of life. There must be different ways of winning, maintaining balance and securing stability and continuity. I don't know if better ways, but surely more intelligent ways.

In this long and rocky episode of my life that lasted over ten years, I learned how free we are in reality and that everything is influenced and shaped by our intentions, more precisely by the way we prioritize our intentions, especially when we operate at a decision-making level because at this level we wear more hats and people's lives are influenced directly by the clarity of our decisions. At this level we impact society organically.

I spent a long time in the court of law to learn the logic of law and the laws of distributing justice and truth among more or less equal citizens. And when you do that in a top corrupt country like Romania, you learn things no other school can provide. You learn hard truths at a low cost about the mechanics of life, world, and human nature, about the complexity of the decision-making process, about corruption at an individual level, fear, power games dynamics.

I realized I needed to learn also the unwritten rules from inside and outside the system in order to know how to defend myself, but mostly how to attack without creating unnecessary damage when that is the case - at that point to recover what was taken from me illegally, what was mine. Not for me, the loses were too big to have any impact of my life recovering, but to pay the honest people who ended up being collateral victims in contracts going wrong from all the wrong reasons.

Germs of that time of my life I put in the foundation of the short movie „Article 22” – a project we want to develop into a web series for the public by starting a fundraising campaign to gather judicial study cases and production money, and into a feature or tv series later.

I chose this specific article from the Romanian law because it wraps the essence of the entire foundation of any judicial system in the world, but mostly because we play "the judge" all the time in our lives in the relationships with ourselves and with others.

The way we do justice to ourselves is the same way we do justice to others.

My journey taught me that the way we choose to understand and operate with truth and justice in our lives is one of the most powerful venues for self-healing and for healing situations and relationships, but also a great technique to activate and develop empathy and compassion, love in essence, new hights of being and living basically.

This is the game of authenticity and ethics played a pivotal role in my life. It burned confusion and sharped my clarity, it made me organically stronger, more resilient, and happier.

Reaching a place of clarity was my first big destination in life. Sharing it through movies is not just a privilege and joy, but also a responsibility. Because I survived a very complicated and tormenting part of hell and I know for sure there are less painful ways to heal, to win, to work, to be, to love and to live.

Watch „Article 22” with English subtitles free of charge HERE. If you resonate with it and want to get involved in this project's development, paying to watch is one way to go. The other is reaching out to me and have a conversation.

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