Funny series of video teasers about how we made our 2021 comedy-drama.

From day one, The Locationist short Romanian comedy-drama in English language was a proof of concept for a funny series pilot aimed to explore anger, frustrations, and cinematic locations from a multicultural perspective.

It started as a 15-page short and while months were passing by, it kept growing until I woke up with 4 key goals to achieve simultaneously and a 21-page script with 22 scenes to shoot, as it was my first author film experience, and wanted to not miss any bit of it (one factor being that I am in my early 40s now, when I finally reached the creative side of this destination after a very long and challenging life pathway :) ):

  1. To make the script work both as a stand-alone short movie and concept for a series pilot that can be developed in more than one direction;

  2. To make a documentary for reality tv (a bonus feature) with our movie production process to highlight our particular journey, crew, and cast;

  3. To make a film production video course about how to make your first movie when you don’t have a budget, but must pay everyone and everything;

  4. To make an attractive promotion campaign wrapped in a web series of funny video teasers about our best and most beautiful and challenging moments on set during the making of our comedy-drama.

The diversity of goals was only apparent. At the core, I wanted to experiment with multiple formats and learn as much as possible about the many things I did not know about film directing, movie editing and promotion/distribution. Getting selected in film festivals was a bonus goal.

I will write shortly a more extensive technical paper about how making our almost 40-minute comedy-drama in 4 days with a micro crew and budget turned out – an informative material dedicated to first-time filmmakers, aspirants, debutants, curious adults, and youngsters about filmmaking. If time and circumstances allow, I’ll wrap it up in a series of short vids on my youtube channel to make it more compelling and accessible.