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Funny series of video teasers about how we made our 2021 comedy-drama.

Updated: Dec 30, 2021

From day one, The Locationist short Romanian comedy-drama in English language was a proof of concept for a funny series pilot aimed to explore anger, frustrations, and cinematic locations from a multicultural perspective.

It started as a 15-page short and while months were passing by, it kept growing until I woke up with 4 key goals to achieve simultaneously and a 21-page script with 22 scenes to shoot, as it was my first author film experience, and wanted to not miss any bit of it (one factor being that I am in my early 40s now, when I finally reached the creative side of this destination after a very long and challenging life pathway :) ):

  1. To make the script work both as a stand-alone short movie and concept for a series pilot that can be developed in more than one direction;

  2. To make a documentary for reality tv (a bonus feature) with our movie production process to highlight our particular journey, crew, and cast;

  3. To make a film production video course about how to make your first movie when you don’t have a budget, but must pay everyone and everything;

  4. To make an attractive promotion campaign wrapped in a web series of funny video teasers about our best and most beautiful and challenging moments on set during the making of our comedy-drama.

The diversity of goals was only apparent. At the core, I wanted to experiment with multiple formats and learn as much as possible about the many things I did not know about film directing, movie editing and promotion/distribution. Getting selected in film festivals was a bonus goal.

I will write shortly a more extensive technical paper about how making our almost 40-minute comedy-drama in 4 days with a micro crew and budget turned out – an informative material dedicated to first-time filmmakers, aspirants, debutants, curious adults, and youngsters about filmmaking. If time and circumstances allow, I’ll wrap it up in a series of short vids on my youtube channel to make it more compelling and accessible.

Part of all this multi-level small production and the overall digital experience and learning how to make the movie popular enough among multicultural audiences to recover the production and promotion costs will also be a case study in my MFA Film Production graduation paper that I’ll share online, hoping it will be useful to debutant independent filmmakers and producers.

It’s been 14 months since I began working on this project and here I am, facing the finish line with all the secondary support productions for the movie, now working to assemble the funny web series of entertaining promotional video teasers, using footage from the shooting, the making-of, and our smartphones. This was an extra challenge when it came to finding a creative concept for coloring the material.

I spent a significant amount of time identifying the format’s structure to make this series of teasers engaging and entertaining enough, so it can work without too much extra work in various durations: above 1 minute, 1 minute, and 15-20 seconds – for various digital mediums, ads, and social media platforms features.

Being so deep into it from scriptwriting to making the movie, editing the movie and producing the film promotion materials from digital covers and posters to various videos, and being also at my first experience as a filmpreneur, I needed a time distance to find a structure with potential for this series of teasers to reach the right audience.

Decoding the mechanics of the growing complexity of the online environment without having a budget for faster and more precise navigation, learning, and working on how to attract organically the public to pay for watching our comedy-drama and its making-of documentary takes most of my time, but it’s a journey that I find very useful.

I’ll close this short informative post by leaving you with the first 3 video teasers, hoping they'll make your day brighter during these turbulent times.

Please subscribe to my Youtube Channel and website, watch the movie and the bonus feature with the film production documentary on Vimeo VoD (2 hours of content in total) and leave your review on the movie’s IMDB page (the film has a 9,8/10 rating). It will make a difference for me and my movie. Thanks in advance and if you have any questions about this production, actors, cinematographer and what else may interest you, don’t hesitate to contact me. I’ll gladly answer all your questions.

The Waking Scene

The Shoe Scene

The Skirt Scene


Watch online the drama-comedy The Locationist and the making-of documentary of this film production, two stories that intertwine in a 2-hour experience that will remind you of the joy of life. From viewing experiences with spectators, I recommend you watch the making-of documentary first and then the movie. On the IMDB page of the movie you can leave me your opinion, I would be happy to know this did you feel this trip :)

Excerpt from the making-of documentary of The Locationist dramedy

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