Congratulations! Your past life ended. Please embarque for your true journey.

Invalid life. Error code. 8 seconds left.


Press Exit or Continue. 7 seconds left.

What the f...

Press Exit or Continue. 6 seconds left.


Your code is broken. Press Next. 5 seconds left.

Huh? Next.

Please rewrite the code. Press Next. 4 seconds left.

What ...? Next.

Press Exit. 3 seconds left.

I want to start over.

This option is not available. Press Exit. 2 seconds left.

This is not fair.

Press Exit. 1 second left.

Go fuck yourself!

0 seconds left.

This is scandal...


What the fuck?

Kucf eht tahw?

Where am I?

I ma erehw?

What is this?

Siht si tahw?

Shit. My code is fucked up.

Pu dekcuf si edoc ym. Tish.

Ok. Ok. Ok. I get it.

Ti teg. Ko. Ko. Ko.

Ok. Let’s try again!

!Niaga yrt s’teL. Ko.

Shut the fuck up!

!Pu kcuf eht tuhs.

I want to do the right thing.

I’m getting closer.

Resolc gnitteg m’I.

I want to rewrite my code.