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Analysis paralysis

Updated: Sep 15, 2021

Analysis paralysis

Should I, shouldn’t I

Come and go

Back and forth

Up and down

On and off

Hot and cold

Here and there

Nowhere and everywhere.

Third party situations

Emotional complications

Burdens on the soul

Noone has ever asked for

They all want to stay

Without any say

Muted all the way

Left out in the cold

Too coward and old

To put in the work.

They fear like fucking hell

The truth they never tell.

Friends and opinions

They have words to say

About what makes me happy

As if my life is public domain

Family, comments and gossip

More and more to add

As if I am a mad dog

Not bold or strong enough.

Thinking, overthinking

Waiting till bells ringing

Nothing I can hear

Heart does not yet feel

Perfection is never here.

Fears of consequences

Memories of pain

Playing in the loop

Forever in vein

It's a free addiction

No money involved

And no competition

Just like is the falling

So why should I stop?

Living in my head

It’s a curse in red.

They all want to stay.

Muted all the way.

Silenced to the bones

By their grey bored tones.

Lord, what should I choose?

What is that you want?

Love, like everyone.

Very well, I'd say

But if it comes today

Are you ready, darling?

For what?

To press the fucking play.

In general I meant.

In general? Like when?

You know what? Just forget it.

Too late, it’s already there.

What a fuck? Now? Where?

Here, there, everywhere.

Ah, I see, but it's my person I meant

Yeah, yeah, yeah, that piece of shit is also what I get

Really? So, what am I waiting for if that is our bet?

You are a stubborn ass, you want it your way or no way at all

Contract with unhappiness, that's what we call the shit you have signed for.

Breaking news you fool, love never worked this way, that bitch is not a whore.

Then what the hell I want?

I don’t know baby, that’s your shit to figure out.

I have no time to waste on silence treatments

Mind games, third party fuckeries and stupid fairy tales

Today and here and now, I break it to the facts

I rule my game from here and I don't give a fuck.

Addicted to my good. No more, no more bad luck.

The hell with your analysis

I shit on your paralysis

If you’re not investing in us

Then fuck off luv, you are in the past.

(celebrating the International Day of Poetry & the shit of life)

#rappoem #indecision #indecisiveness #analysis #paralysis #hesitation #lyrics

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