A temporary love that lasted forever.

Billy and Jenny met at a disco bar

She was heavily drinking tequila

He was smoking his second cigar.

Jenny was flirting with Louie

A playboy singer with a guitar.

Billy was hanging with Angie

The most popular girl in town.

Jenny was wearing a blue dress

A thing that caught Billy’s eye.

Her back was made for bites and kisses

And her sculpted ankles for heavy rides.

She felt Billy’s eyes on her skin

And she imagined them dark green

But she couldn’t tell who’s who

Angie and Louie were in between.

DJ changed the music

Milli Vanilli they started to hear

Girl You Know It’s True

The old song, now on vinyl.

Louie kissed Jenny

She kissed him back.

Angie jumped on Billy

She wanted to dance.

Billy said no

Babe, I gotta go

And on his way out

His eyes met Jenny’s

They were mesmerized.

His heart went wild

Hers felt something else

And she pulled back fast

From Louie’s heavy arms.

Oh, God! Those dark green eyes.

This man must be mine.

This woman, Lord, I know now