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My first million

... or a truth of a one million magnitude

before my life as a filmmaker


a 3-act classic wrapped in 10 ideas
a new experience from script to film


1. To sign or not to sign.
2. New levels, new devils. 
3. Nothing seems as it is. 
4. Everybody sleeps.


5. Spiders and wasps. 

6. The house is on fire. 

7. Veil falls down. 

8. First million. In loss.


9.   An epic turnaround. 

10. To be or not to be.

Who would have thought normality was a one million dream?

The first million is not about money and it certainly is not a popularity contest. This is a story about learning who you are not, who everyone else is not, and who God is and isn’t. It is the ticket you pay to embark on a rollercoaster journey just for the luxury to choose. Your ways, your path, your love language, your destiny.


The old saga about the “first” is a one million upfront payment with zero interest in vital energy and irreversible youth and time to find out a truth of a one million magnitude. If you survive it! 

Your fear was never about death, suffering, pain, failure, or other religiously hell-induced fears, but of yourself. Who you are scared the shit out of you since your earliest beginnings. Words cannot tell this story as well as experiencing it can. 


The experience of my first million showed me that life is a blind bet on one card. And that card is you. The more you doubt yourself, the more you lose. In all plans of life and sometimes in all plans of life at once.


My first million stories were about learning how to play Chess and Go with life and challenged my every breath to answer with a loud and clear Yes or No to one single question: are you a player or not? It didn’t care about my age, my background, my level of education, my family drama stories and tragedies, or my explanations and excuses. Yes or No. That was it.


The Why-s questions were not relevant because the path unraveled with each step made, my answers to my questions were neither in the past nor present, but in the future. Assuming I was asking the right questions, at least one time out of ten was a question in itself.


What did the first million mean for you?

The price I paid for the truth.

The end of our world.

Ilusiones. Ilusiones. Ilusiones.


Who thought normality was such a big dream?


The question at the midpoint of my first million tales made me see for the first time that I never really knew where I was on life’s map. I wrongly assumed the position of my point A, so my B point was a fake destination or a real one that had nothing to do with me. 


I wrongly assumed that adults would never do evil things without a life or death reason. That happened because I wrongly assumed that life happens on one layer of reality only. 


What a naive!


How old are you, dear?

I live in my 20s, sir.


The first million core lesson was not about how to make millions, it was about the power of written words and numbers and of the promise they hold. Numbers and words are powerful living creatures. They taught me that either I write my own story or others will. In my case, there is no middle ground.

The life between my 20s and 30s is a movie about an epic bankruptcy that had nothing to do with business but with the self-sabotaging nature of people and the hilarious mechanics of life. My life between my 30s and 40s is a film about cleaning the mess and putting the pieces together. In the middle there are many short films.

What is your ”first million” story in 3 acts? 
What is your truth of a one million magnitude?
What now?



I miss the ways of the old times, so if you feel to share your "First Million" story with someone who hears you, just email me :)

... until then, Good Morning! :)

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