Georgia Mihalcea is the best rated Fixer in Romania on WORLDFIXER.COM with a 9* rating.




2020: "Activated You" | Fixer 

Commercial presentation with international US actress Maggie Q, a Golden Hippo production in Bucharest, Romania.


2017-2018: “Mă însoară mama” | Executive Producer

A 13-episode + pilot reality show made by Paprika Studios for ProTv Romania. A complex production with 10 mobile teams in Romania, London, Cyprus și Tenerife (Canary Islands, Spain) with hundreds of locations, a multicultural crew of 150 professionals, and 100 people in the cast.

2017: “Louisa and Rosanna” | Fixer

A reality show featuring the family life of a transgender couple produced by Discovery Communications and Strix Television for TLC Netherland. The Romanian episode was about Louisa searching for her gypsy roots.

2015: “Expedition Unknown” | Fixer
An adventure-travel reality show for Travel Channel, USA produced by Ping Pong Productions, Los Angeles (one episode in Romania and Bulgaria about following the latest discoveries about vampires & strigoi).

2011: “Destination Truth” | Fixer
An adventure-travel reality show for SyFy TV, USA produced by Ping Pong Productions, Los Angeles (2 episodes in Romania about vampires, Dracula, paranormal, UFOs, and Hoia Baciu haunted forest).


2019-2020: Student films during the Master of Fine Arts Program | development and production

2015: “Touch Me Not”| Film Locations Manager
Feature film awarded with "Golden Bear" at Berlin Film Festival 2018.

2012: “Charlie Countryman” | Film Locations Management
A production with over 40 interior and outdoor, public, and private locations, among which: National Opera, Atheneum, Henri Coanda Airport, Universitatii Square Subway station, Zero Kilometer ultra central zone, Medlife Hospital, Magheru Boulevard, closure of Villacrosse Passageway, closure of English Passageway, etc.