Born in Ploiesti, Prahova, Romania 

Raised in Sacele, Brasov 

Lives & works in Bucharest, Romania 

Lived for 7 years in Canary Islands, Spain



2019 - Present:  Master of Fine Arts

Film Production and Creative Producing 

National University of Theatre and Film "I.L. Caragiale


1997 - 2002 Bachelor of Economics

Specialized in: Business Accounting 

University "Titu Maiorescu"




2003 - 2012: Small Business Owner

2010 - 2019: Strategy, Innovation & Design Thinking Consultant

2011 - 2019: Film & TV Executive Producer and Fixer

2019 - Present: Creative Film Producer, Writer, Director





2010 - Present: winner of 7 awarded solutions in the open innovation American market for solving common good and business problems and challenges

2017: challenge designer to source worldwide innovations and creative solutions for global common good challenges ("Power The Globe", "Feed The Next Billion")

2020: Official Selection at Goa Short Film Festival in India and Reykjavik Visions Film Festival in Iceland for the experimental 8-minute short film "Sunmoon | Trust Your Star"

Georgia Mihalcea Awards cover.png
Ninja Skills


Film Production


Problem Solving

Creative Writing 

Talent Scouting


Growth Coaching



Films & writer, director, producer


2020 "Sunmoon" (8 minutes)

2020 "The Locationist" (36 minutes)

2016 "We Are Solvers" (interviewing world's award-winning innovators)

Self-Published E-Books on Amazon

2017 "XCulture: How Superheroes Are Born" (leadership culture for small brands and everyday life)

2017 "Rise Above The Crowd" (winning online innovation competitions)


Brand Arthouse Short Films 


Technology Integrations




Selections & Nominations

Pre-selected for the Fulbright Student Award Scholarship in 2020.

Nominated for Aspen's "Young Leaders Program" in 2011.

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