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Short Bio

Georgia Mihalcea is a Romanian filmmaker, scriptwriter and creative producer with a BA in Economics, an MA in Financial Accounting, an MFA in Film Production, and an ongoing Ph.D. in Cinema and Media.

She landed in the movie industry from the entrepreneurship and open innovation challenge-driven worlds where her cross-industry solutions to various challenges happened to rise above the crowd multiple times. In other industries she is called a Generalist, Advisor or Consultant.

After the 2008 economic crisis, she closed the chapter of her 10-year old first company, became one of the co-founders of an R&D and innovation cluster in Bucharest and stepped into the productions of international film, tv, and grand-scale events, while in parallel she went living in Canary Islands.

In 2020, during her Film Production MFA at The National University of Theatre and Film "I.L. Caragiale" from Bucharest  she applied for the prestigious Fulbright Student Award Scholarship reaching the finalists round and wrote, directed and produced two short films, one featurette and one behind the scenes feature lenght documentary.

In 2021, one of her stories since her life in Diaspora was published in a themed book "Traveling Stories" (Povești Călătoare), a book that travels around the world by the generosity of its coordinator.

Author Films

2021: The Locationist (comedy-drama), IPIFF 2021 official selection

2020: Articolul 22 (edu-short legal drama), IPIFF 2021 official selection

2020: Sunmoon (animation, experimental, hybrid), Official selection at Goa Short Film Festival, India 2020; Reykjavik Visions Film Festival 

Creative Producer

2021: One Day (medium-lenght, drama)

2021: In Good Company (animation), selected at CEE Forum

Production Management

Feature films: Touch Me Not, Charlie Countryman

TV Shows:  Marry My Son (ProTV RO), Destination Truth (SyFy USA), Expedition Unknown (Travel Chanel USA), Luisa and Rosana (TLC NL)

Award-winning solutions to problems

2017: "One Thing For Hope", Canada

Industry: mental health, depression

2017: "Patterns For Success", USA

Industry: small business owners, training guide

2016: "Innovative Approaches To Proliferation Prevention Of Dual-Use Technologies: An Industry-Government Information Sharing Platform", USA

Industry: peace and security, technology

2014: "Humanizing Customer Digital Experience", USA

Industry: banking, technology, marketing

2011: "Models For Sourcing Food Databeses", USA

Industry: healthcare, technology

Didn't see it coming

2022: Space Games Federation listed "Zero Gordian - The Knottiest Game in Space" on the winning list of the 5 space sports the most fortunate of us will play one day soon. This unique project belongs to my friend Michael Ricciardi, a magician, multi-facet scientist, and artist from Seattle. This space games challenge began in 2016 when I began playing with a computer-generated animation software to practice my craft in humanizing technology. Michael saw my first piece of work and contracted me to give his technical proposal a media angle. There are few things that brought me more joy than this astronomic piece of news. It just shows what can happen if we just do what we can.

2021: My story "Camino del Sol" that I wrote during the time I was living in the Canaries Islands makes me a published author in the collective book "Traveling Stories", a collection of stories meant to explore the Romanian Diaspora multi-identity.

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