A storyteller's journey from dreams to films 

"The barriers around our hearts are deep and strong, protecting us from pain. We live in the past or in the future or in a dream." ("The God Who Won't Let Go" by Jesuit Fr. Peter van Breemen)

Welcome to my website FILMS BY GEORGIA. Here you will find fragments of my life's journey, thoughts, dreams, feelings and emotions wrapped into various writing formats and films, explorations of human nature psychic and of happenings along the way. Felt and lived in English and Romanian, the only spoken languages I know.

What does film and filmmakers mean for me. Film means the manifestation of the life force into the richest networks of bridges between mind, heart and soul. It is the materialization of inner worlds into the outer world and the allignment between the two realms. It is a filmmaker's mission to go through the portal of dreams incubation and to connect the dots. 

I learned to fall in love with limitations and with everything that apparently stands against, as I discovered the journey is far more fascinating when all there is it's just who you are. It feels like traveling the world by foot. It simply reveals its mysteries to you.

My story on short

I stepped firmly on the path of cinematography in my 40s after trying and failing in my early 20s, a time when my life was following the business and entrepreneurship script with all its twists and turns. Otherwise, I am Romanian filmmaker and I usually direct and produce the movies I write. I love doing the making-of and behind the scenes documentaries, and to map my trips from scripts to films, the evolution of a story from the first word on paper to the last image on screen.

Cinema interests from content marketing POV


In the area of film realm in the context of digital era, my interests go around transmedia, brand films, web series, modular storytelling, short and ultra short formats in general, multidisciplinary formats applicable cross-industrially.

Genres tendencies


As film genres, my tendencies lean towards comedy-drama, mystic, fantasy and animation, hybrid genres and media intersections.


While I learn, I hope you will also learn as much as you are open to about my work and explorations. FILMS BY GEORGIA is the obvious choice of words as my name is Georgia Mihalcea. Not so smart from a SEO angle, as Google always returns results pages of Georgia states, but it is as it is.


I appreciate your interest and involvement in my work, and I invite you to explore my site and to connect with me, if you resonate.